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International Workshop on Soil Erosion and Riverine Sediment in Mountainous Regions was held successfully

Organized by Institute of Tibetan Plateau Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Research Center of Water and Soil Conservation and Ecological Environment CAS &Ministryof Education, Institute of Soil and Water Conservation Northwest A&F University, International Research and Training Center on Erosion and Sedimentation, State Key Laboratoryof Tibetan Plateau Earth System, Environmentand Resources, State Key Laboratory of SoilErosion and Dryland Farming on the LoessPlateau, and the WorldAssociation of Soil andWater Conservation, the International Workshop on Soil Erosion and Riverine Sediment inMountainous Regions was held successfullyon line during November 17-18th, 2022. Thegoal of this workshop is to invite well-known experts in related fields to exchange the latestresearch results, identify the current opportunities and challenges, and discuss the strategies to deal with climate change throughonline and offline means.

In the opening ceremony, Prof. Fahu Chen,from Institute of Tibetan Plateau Research,CAS, Prof. Hao Feng, from Research Center ofWater and Soil Conservation and EcologicalEnvironment, CAS & MOE, and Prof. QingbinPan, from the International Research andTraining Center on Erosion and Sedimentation were invited to give opening speech.

Totally 24 scientists were presented and provided the online participants very interesting, valuable and inspiring reports.

The topics including:
 Soil erosion assessment in Pan-Third Pole (Baoyuan LIU )
 Impacts of Asia water tower changing and countermeasures (Liping ZHU)
 Scaling soil erosion estimates in time and space (Richard Cruse )
 Soil conservation and ecosystem rehabilitation on Loess Plateau, benefit and Prospective (Guobin LIU)
 Representing global soil erosion and sediment flux in Earth System Models (Zeli TAN)
 Impact of modern climate change on fluvial sediment delivery in High Mountain Asia (Dongfeng LI)
 Freeze-thaw erosion landscape and subsurface flow observation in cold alpine critical zone on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau (Xiaoyan LI)
 Sediments contribution to soil contamination and loss of nutrients in EU agricultural soils (Panagos Panos)
 The response of soil erosion to vegetation restoration and rainfall events in the loess hill and gully region (Juying JIAO)
 Steep-Slope Viticulture and Climate Change: Threats, Monitoring, Sustainable Management (Paolo Tarolli)
 Effects of Ecological Engineering Projects on Soil Erosion and Sediment Yields in Southern Tibetan Plateau, China (Donghong XIONG)
 Policy implications of multiple concurrent soil erosion processes in European farmland (Pasquale Borrelli)
 Soil organic matter losses: d13C to disentangle erosion and decomposition (Yakov Kuzyakov)
 Soil Erosion and Riverine Sediment over the Tibetan Plateau (Fan ZHANG)
 Recent sediment budget changes in a large high mountainous drainage basin (Khawaja Faran Ali)
 Glacial erosion and GLOFs exacerbate riverine sediment (Yong NIE)
 Impact of river-bed freeze-thaw process on bed load sediment transport (Le WANG)
 Quantitative attribution of riverine sediment to hydrological, cryospheric and vegetation effects (Xiaonan SHI )
 Numerical simulation of morphodynamic processes of braided pattern in the Yarlung Zangbo River (Jian SUN)
 Sediment sources tracing in the high erodible watershed of the Northern Loess Plateau (Guangju ZHAO)
 Watershed sediment and nutrient process on the Loess Plateau (Guoce XU)
 Soil erosion quantification in the crisscross region of the Chinese Loess Plateau using radionuclide tracing (Jiaqiong ZHANG)
 Source apportionment of eroded soil organic matter on the Loess Plateau of China (Chun LIU)
 Effects of soil and water conservation measures on flood process under extreme rainstorms (Jianqiao HAN)

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