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dotSoil erosion must be stopped ‘to save our future’, says UN agriculture agency[2019-12-06]
dotWASWAC World Conference IV was held successfully in India[2019-12-06]
dotDanube sediment analysis published[2019-11-29]
dotPapers Published in the International Journal of Sediment Research Volume 34, No. 6, 2019[2019-11-15]
dotContents of ISWCR (Vol. 7, No.4, 2019)[2019-11-15]
dotA study warns about ecological impact caused by sediment accumulation in river courses[2019-11-14]
dotThe wise delight in water-Interview with Joseph Hun-wei Lee, IAHR President[2019-11-08]
dotProvinces, cities take aim at illegal sand mining along Yangtze River[2019-11-06]
dotChina requires further improvement of sedimentation in Yellow River[2019-11-06]
dotHuman activities boosted global soil erosion 4,000 years ago[2019-10-30]
dotThe Second International Conference on All Material Fluxes in River Eco-Systems Held at Peking Unive...[2019-10-21]
dot56.6,million,boost,to,state,(USA,Florida,State,News) href=/waser/NAA/webinfo/2019/10/1572248392321680.htm target=_self>Study: Sediment diversions will provide >56.6 million boost to state (USA Florida State News)[2019-10-18]
dotXi''s article on ecological protection, development of Yellow River basin to be published[2019-10-17]
dotNew ISI publication on global hotspots for erosion and sediment problems is available in the UNESCO ...[2019-10-15]
dotIndia: Sediments reduce storage capacity of Bhakra Dam by 23%[2019-09-29]
dotIndia: New method developed to measure soil erosion[2019-09-26]
dotInternational Workshop on RESCON 2 and Numerical Modeling for Assessment of Sediment Management Alte...[2019-09-25]
dotContents of ISWCR (Vol. 7, No.3, 2019)[2019-09-25]
dotPapers Published in the International Journal of Sediment Research Volume 34, No. 5, 2019[2019-09-25]
dotThe Sixth WASER Council Meeting and Assembly held in Chengdu, China[2019-09-25]
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