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dotElection of WASER Council for the period 2019-2022 (Sixth Term)[2019-05-10]
dotWASER Co-organized Session on ‘Sediment Transportation and Geo-hazard Mitigation’ held in Beijing du...[2019-05-22]
dotISI convenes Sediment Management session during the 2019 World Hydropower Congress[2019-05-22]
dotWorld Hydropower Congress concludes with clean energy and climate pledges[2019-05-21]
dotIWHR: 2019 Application Brochure for International Students[2019-04-17]
dotNew method of studying sediment could predict climate change impact[2019-04-17]
dotSoil erosion in European Russia to be studied in new project[2019-04-17]
dotPapers Published in the International Journal of Sediment Research Volume 34, No. 3, 2019[2019-04-12]
dotChina and EU to enhance water resources management[2019-04-09]
dotSoil Erosion In The West Is Getting Worse And The Air Is Getting Dustier(USA)[2019-04-09]
dotUpdated information on the 14th ISRS[2019-03-27]
dotInternational Journal of Sediment Research becomes bimonthly[2019-03-27]
dotThe 2019 International Qian Ning Prize for Erosion and Sedimentation Technology will soon be awarded[2019-03-27]
dotContents of ISWCR (Vol. 7, No.1, 2019)[2019-03-21]
dotWhen the River Meets the Sea: Estuary Sediments and Hypoxia[2019-03-21]
dotUNESCO-ISI publication on river controlling is available in UNESCO Digital Library[2019-03-21]
dotThreat of sediment runoff to Great Barrier Reef worse than thought(Australia)[2019-03-12]
dotPapers Published in the International Journal of Sediment Research Volume 34, No. 2, 2019[2019-03-07]
dotPollution in Ganga harming riverbed sediments too: study (India)[2019-02-27]
dotNew insight into river flows and sediment transport under ice cover[2019-02-21]
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