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Contents of ISWCR (Vol. 8, No.2, 2020)
Volume 9, Issue 2 Pages 167-304 (June 2021)



GIS-based soil maps as tools to evaluate land capability and suitability in a coastal reclaimed area (Ravenna, northern Italy)

Mauro De Feudis, Gloria Falsone, Massimo Gherardi, Maria Speranza, ... Livia Vittori Antisari

Pages 167-179

Event-based hydrology and sedimentation in paired watersheds under commercial eucalyptus and grasslands in the Brazilian Pampa biome

éderson Diniz Ebling, José Miguel Reichert, Jhon Jairo Zuluaga Peláez, Miriam Fernanda Ro-drigues, ... Raghavan Srinivasan

Pages 180-194

Changes of soil quality induced by different vegetation restoration in the collapsing gully ero-sion areas of southern China

Hui Wen, Shimin Ni, Junguang Wang, Chongfa Cai

Pages 195-206

New approach for obtaining the C-factor of RUSLE considering the seasonal effect of rainfalls on vegetation cover

Pietro Menezes Sanchez Macedo, Paulo Tarso Sanches Oliveira, Mauro Antonio Homem An-tunes, Valdemir Lucio Durigon, ... Daniel Fonseca de Carvalho

Pages 207-216

Factor influencing land degradation sensitivity and desertification in a drought prone water-

shed in Thailand

Saowanee Wijitkosum

Pages 217-228

Wear of the working parts of agricultural tools in the context of the mass of chemical elements introduced into soil during its cultivation

Piotr Kostencki, Tomasz Stawicki, Aleksandra Królicka

Pages 229-240

Determinants of adoption of multiple sustainable agricultural practices among smallholder farmers in Nigeria

Zainab Oyetunde-Usman, Kehinde Oluseyi Olagunju, Oyinlola Rafiat Ogunpaimo

Pages 241-248

Near-saturated soil hydraulic conductivity and pore characteristics as influenced by conven-tional and conservation tillage practices in North-West Himalayan region, India

Deepak Singh, Alok Kumar Mishra, Sridhar Patra, Sankar Mariappan, Nisha Singh

Pages 249-259

Crop productivity, soil health, and energy dynamics of Indian Himalayan intensified organic maize-based systems

Raghavendra Singh, Subhash Babu, R.K. Avasthe, Gulab Singh Yadav, ... Puran Chandra

Pages 260-270


Carbon sequestration benefits of the grain for Green Program in the hilly red soil region of southern China

Xiaoqian Hu, Zhongwu Li, Jia Chen, Xiaodong Nie, ... Ke Ning

Pages 271-278

Potential of conservation tillage and altered land configuration to improve soil properties, car-bon sequestration and productivity of maize based cropping system in eastern Himalayas, In-dia

Gulab Singh Yadav, Anup Das, Subhash Babu, Kamal Prasad Mohapatra, ... Dipjyoti Rajkhowa

Pages 279-290

Predictions of soil and nutrient losses using a modified SWAT model in a large hilly-gully watershed of the Chinese Loess Plateau

Wenhai Shi, Mingbin Huang

Pages 291-304


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