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Election of WASER Council for the period 2019-2022 (Sixth Term)



Dear Colleagues and Friends,


Please find a letter regarding the election of the WASER Council for 2019-2022 by Prof. Guangquan LIU, the Secretary General of WASER, and the ballot paper for your votes.


The Nominations Committee has produced a slate of recommendations for both the Officers and Ordinary Council Members, whose CVs may be read in the column “Experts” on the WASER website ( ). If you approve all 12 nominated candidates, you may simply reply by email mentioning “Yes, I approve all 12 nominated candidates”; If you approve some of the nominated candidates, please place a tick “P” in the square opposite the word “YES” in the ballot paper; If you wish you could add a new name to the list in the space provided, but in this case you are only permitted to register your votes for a maximum of 12 candidates.


I would request you to take the time to participate in the election of the WASER Council for 2016-2019 by registering your votes on the ballot paper and returning this to the WASER Secretariat ( ; ) by July 15, 2019. Thank you for your cooperation!


Voting is both a privilege and a responsibility. Your vote is your voice. I encourage you to use it.


(Please note: If you are a member of WASER Community, you are also having right to vote for WASER Council. )


With best regards


Sincerely yours, Liu Cheng

Executive Secretary General and Treasurer,

World Association for Sedimentation and Erosion Research (WASER)



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