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UNESCO-ISI publication on river controlling is available in UNESCO Digital Library


The latest UNESCO-ISI publication on “Controlling the Yellow River: 2000 years of debate on control strategies” authored by Prof. Zhaoyin Wang and Prof. Cheng Liu is now available online in UNESCO Digital Library ( The new ISI publication reviews 2000 years of debate on two extremely different strategies on controlling the Yellow River, i.e. the “wide river and depositing sediment” strategy and the “narrow river and scouring sediment” strategy. The levee breaches and flood disasters in the past 2000 yr are analyzed and the results of the two strategies were compared. The “narrow river and scouring sediment” strategy has only short term effects on levee breach control and flood mitigation. The “wide river and depositing sediment” strategy can essentially mitigate flood disasters and reduce levee breaches for a long term period of time. Lessons learned from the past could not only help us to clarify the historical origins of the modern Yellow River control strategy, but also shed light on the efforts for future river management for the Yellow River and other river systems around the world.


The authors Prof. Zhaoyin Wang and Prof. Cheng Liu are President and Exacutive Secretary General of WASER. 


“Controlling the Yellow River: 2000 years of debate on control strategies” can be downloaded online at:

UNESCO Digital Library: 

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More UNESCO-ISI publications in UNESCO Digital Library


Sediment problems and strategies for their management: experience from several large river basins

Person as author:

Liu, Cheng [1], Walling, Desmond E. [1], Spreafico, Manfred [2], Ramasamy, Jayakumar [6], Thulstrup, Hans Dencker [1], Mishra, Anil [19]

The new ISI publication looks at six river basins: the Nile, Mississippi, Rhine, Volga, Yellow River, and the Haihe and Liohe River Basins. The basins were chosen from different parts of the world to highlight examples of basins with different climatic, physiographic, socio-economic conditions and varying sediment problems which require different sediment management strategies. The study gives an overview of these varying conditions and presents policy and strategy options and key recommendations for improving the sustainable management of such basins globally. Through sharing best practices and recommendations, the study aims to contribute to Sustainable Development Goal 6 on ensuring availability and sustainable management of water for all. 



The Impact of global change on erosion and sediment transport by rivers: current progress and future challenges

Corporate author:

WWAP [295]

Person as author:

Walling, D.E. [7] 



Towards practical guidance for sustainable sediment management using the Sava River Basin as a showcase: establishment of the Sediment Monitoring System for the Sava River Basin

Corporate author:

International Sava River Basin Commission [1] 



Erosion and sediment dynamics from catchment to coast: a northern perspective, a southern perspective

Person as author:

Di Silvio, Giampaolo [1], Basson, Gerrit [1] 


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