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Developing a Lagrangian sediment transport model for open channel flows
Saman Baharvand, Habib Ahmari, Poorya Taghvaei
Pages 153-165

Establishment of a sediment transport capacity equation on loessal slope via experimental investigation
Tian Wang, Jingsi Li, Jingming Hou, Peng Li, Shengdong Cheng, Feng Wang, Wen Wang, Zhanbin Li, Reinhard Hinkelmann
Pages 166-174

Forward-modeling of co-evolution of turbidity currents, sediment transport, and cyclic steps in the Rio Muni Basin
Peng Hu, Yue Li, Chenglin Gong, Wei Li
Pages 175-190

Estimation of maximum scour depth around bridge piers under ice-covered conditions using data-driven methods
Hosein Nezaratian, Amin Hassanjabbar, Peng Wu
Pages 191-202

Multi-objective and multi-scheme research on water and sediment regulation potential of reservoirs in the upper Yellow River
Tao Bai, Jia Yu, Wenting Jin, Jiaquan Wan, Shaojie Gou, Xu Ma, Panpan Ma
Pages 203-215

Multi-temporal relations between runoff and sediment load based on variable structure cointegration theory
Honglin Xiao, Jinping Zhang
Pages 216-227

Unique landslides (loess slide-flows) induced by an extreme rainstorm in 2018 on the Loess Plateau: A new geological hazard and erosion process
Li Luo, Wen-Zhao Guo, Pei Tian, Yi-li Liu, Shao-Kun Wang, Jia-Wei Luo
Pages 228-239

Dry-season sources of riverine sediment from the tropical mixed urban-agricultural watershed of the Mun River Basin in northeastern Thailand
Arika Bridhikitti, Thayukorn Prabamroong, Gaohuan Liu
Pages 240-252

Characteristics of river discharge and its indirect effect on the tidal bore in the Qiantang River, China
Cunhong Pan, Qiushun Wang, Dongzi Pan, Chengfei Hu
Pages 253-264

Experimental investigation of the effects of shrub filter strips on debris flow trapping and interception
Songtang He, Wenle Chen, Daojie Wang, Xiaoqing Chen, Yuchao Qi, Peng Zhao, Yong Li, Yongming Lin, Ali Akbar Jamali
Pages 265-278

Geochemical, mineralogical and textural nature of beach placers, north-east Sri Lanka: Implications for provenance and potential resource
Samikshya Mohanty, Madurya Adikaram, Debashish Sengupta, Nishara Madhubashini, Chelaka Wijesiri, Somnath Adak, Biswajit Bera
Pages 279-293

Effective transport width—A methodology to describe the spatial variability of bedload transport
Rolf Rindler, Sabrina Schwarz, Marcel Liedermann, Dorian Shire-Peterlechner, Andrea Kreisler, Johann Aigner, Michael Tritthart, Helmut Habersack
Pages 294-301

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