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Effects of hooked-collar on the local scour around a lenticular bridge pier
Rashid FAROOQ, Amir Hossein AZIMI, Muhammad Atiq Ur Rehman TARIQ, Afzal AHMED
Pages 1-11

Application of Hausdorff fractal derivative to the determination of the vertical sediment concentration distribution
Hongguang SUN, Shiqian NIE, Aaron I. PACKMAN, Yong ZHANG, Dong CHEN, Chengpeng LU, Chunmiao ZHENG
Pages 12-23

Loess erosion change modeling during heavy rainfall
Hongwu ZHANG, Guangquan LIU, Chensu ZHAO, Luohao ZHANG, Qiang ZHANG, Heng FU, Shuai CAO
Pages 24-32

Novel green technology for wastewater treatment: Geo-material/geopolymer applications for heavy metal removal from aquatic media
Pages 33-48

Erosion and runoff reduction potential of vetiver grass for hill slopes: A physical model study
Shamontee AZIZ, Mohammad Shariful ISLAM
Pages 49-65

Smart Sediment Particle: A novel approach to investigating fluvial bed entrainment using instrumented sensors
Pages 66-82

Experimental study of the settling of twin spherical particles released side by side: The impact of particle size, fluid viscosity, initial spacing, and particle density
Yang XIAO, Jieqing LIU, Pei ZHANG, Jian ZHOU, Dongfang LIANG, Zhihao WANG, Taotao ZHANG, Saiyu YUAN, Hongwu TANG
Pages 83-96

Measurements and estimation of flow velocity in mobile bed rills
Yunyun BAN
Pages 97-104

A comparison between artificial neural network algorithms and empirical equations applied to submerged weir scour evolution prediction
Dawei GUAN, Jingang LIU, Yee-Meng CHIEW, Jian-Hao HONG, Liang CHENG
Pages 105-114

Geobag stepped spillway for check dams: A pilot study

Shu YU, Fan YUE, Qiang ZHANG, Zuyu CHEN, Penghai YIN, Jianwei HAO, Laizhang ZHANG, Ludong HAO

Pages 115-127

Deep learning long short-term memory combined with discrete element method for porosity prediction in gravel-bed rivers
Duong Tran ANH, Ahad Hasan TANIM, Daniel Prakash KUSHWAHA, Quoc Bao PHAM, Van Hieu BUI
Pages 128-140

Assessment of equilibrium pressure-flow scour depth using jet flow theory
Mostafa KOUSHKI, Mohammad R. CHAMANI, Mohammad N. MOGHIM
Pages 141-151

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