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No.6 2022 IJSR




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Volume 37, Issue 6 Pages 701-870 (December 2022)



Entrainment of E. coli and Listeria monocytogenes from sediment in irrigation canal

Kun Qi, Erfan Ghasemi Tousi, Jennifer Guohong Duan, Patricia Marie Gundy, ... Charles Peter Gerba

Pages 701-714


Coupled modeling of rainfall-induced floods and sediment transport at the catchment scale

Ronglan Huang, Yufang Ni, Zhixian Cao

Pages 715-728


Comparison of the graphic and moment methods for analyzing grain-size distributions: A case study for the Chinese inner continental shelf seas

Gaocong Li, Rihong Du, Jieping Tang, Zhiqiang Li, ... Wenxiang Zhang

Pages 729-736


Flow fields around tandem and staggered piers on a mobile bed

Laxmi Narayana Pasupuleti, Prafulkumar Vasharambhai Timbadiya, Prem Lal Patel

Pages 737-753


Multivariate statistical methods and GIS based evaluation of the health risk potential and water quality due to arsenic pollution in the K?z?l?rmak River

Hüseyin Cüce, Erkan Kal?pc?, Fikret Ustao?lu, ?lknur Kaynar, ... Mustafa Türkmen

Pages 754-765


Real-time probabilistic sediment concentration forecasting using integrated dynamic network and error distribution heterogeneity

Fangzheng Zhao, Xinyu Wan, Xiaolin Wang, Qingyang Wu, Yan Wu

Pages 766-779


Physical and chemical characterization of sediments from an Andean river exposed to mining and agricultural activities: The Moquegua River, Peru

Luis de Los Santos Valladares, Juan Luis Ccamapaza, Renato Arturo Valencia-Bedregal, Luis Enrique Borja-Castro, ... Crispin H.W. Barnes

Pages 780-793


Multi-scale analysis for transport of fine settling particles through an ice-covered channel in a laminar flow condition

Subham Dhar, Nanda Poddar, B.S. Mazumder, Kajal Kumar Mondal

Pages 794-808


Water and sediment geochemistry of an urban lake: Implications to weathering and anthropogenic activity

Mohammad Saleem, Ghulam Jeelani, Ishfaq Ahmad Pall, Javid Ganai, Sanjeev Kumar

Pages 809-822


Improved lakeshore sediment microenvironment and enhanced denitrification efficiency by natural solid carbon sources

Shihao Gong, Oscar Omondi Donde, Qijia Cai, Xingqiang Wu, ... Cuicui Tian

Pages 823-832


Assessing sediment transport dynamics from energy perspective by using the instrumented particle

Zaid Alhusban, Manousos Valyrakis

Pages 833-846


Characterizing incipient motion of low fines content soils with varying compositions, water contents, and relative densities

Mahsa Ghazian Arabi, Ali Farhadzadeh

Pages 847-856


Morphologic evolution of bifurcated reaches in a macrotidal estuary with mountain streams

Jing Liu, Yongjun Lu, Liqin Zuo, Huaixiang Liu, ... Qingzhi Hou

Pages 857-870


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