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Papers Published in the International Journal of Sediment Research

Volume 37, No.5, 2022 

Pages 539-700   (October 2022)


1. Horizontal and vertical fluxes of particulate matter during wind erosion on arable land in the province La Pampa, Argentina
Nicole Siegmund, Roger Funk, Michael Sommer, Fernando Avecilla, Juan Esteban Panebianco, Laura Antonela Iturri, Daniel Eduardo Buschiazzo

2. Influences of rock fragments on the hydraulics and erosion of concentrated runoff in steep spoil heaps on the Loess Plateau of China
Wenzhao Guo, Hongliang Kang, Xiao Yu, Wenlong Wang, Pei Tian

3. Historical variations in autochthonous and allochthonous sediment supplies to the largest freshwater lake in Central India
Nafees Ahmad, Satinder PalSingh, Aasif Mohmad Lone, Abul Qasim, Ravi Bhushan, Gyana Ranjan Tripathy, Chinmay Shah

4. Sedimentation in small-scale irrigation schemes in Ethiopia: Its sources and management
Zerihun Anbesa Gurmu, Henk Ritzema, Charlotte de Fraiture, Mekonen Ayana

5. Dynamic response of debris flows impacting curved joint check dams
Dongpo Wang, Xiaomei Zhang, Wei Shen, Aronne Armanini

6. Hybrid meta-heuristic machine learning methods applied to landslide susceptibility mapping in the Sahel-Algiers
Mohammed Amin Benbouras

7. Temporal variations of sediment and morphological characteristics at a large confluence accounting for the effects of floodplain submergence
Kun Li, Hongwu Tang, Saiyu Yuan, Lei Xu, Yang Xiao, Carlo Gualtieri

8. Joint probability analysis of water and sediment and predicting sediment load based on copula function
Haoyu Jin, Xiaohong Chen, Ruida Zhong, Yingjie Pan, Tongtiegang Zhao, Zhiyong Liu, Xinjun Tu

9. Characteristics of runoff and sediment yield for two typical erodible soils in southern China
Xuchao Zhu, Yin Liang, Lili Qu, Longxi Cao, Zhiyuan Tian, Tong Liu, Meng Lie

10. Temporal evolution of scour at bridge abutments in compound channels
Yifan Yang, Bruce W. Melville, Xiaozhou Xiong, Lu Wang

11. Entropy model to assess sediment resuspension probability and trap efficiency of small dams
Francisco Jairo Soares Pereira, Antonio Viana da Silva Filho, José Wellington Batista Lopes, José Carlos de Araújo

12. Modelling the long-term geomorphic response to check dam failures in an alpine channel with CAESAR-Lisflood
Jorge Alberto Ramirez, Mirjam Mertin, Nadav Peleg, Pascal Horton, Chris Skinner, Markus Zimmermann, Margreth Keiler

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