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No.4 2022 IJSR



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Particle image velocimetry evaluation of flow-altering countermeasures for local scour around a submerged circular cylinder

Priscilla Williams, Ram Balachandar, Vesselina Roussinova, Ronald Barron

Pages 411-423


Two-dimensional modeling of channel evolution under the influence of large-scale river regulation works

Meirong Zhou, Junqiang Xia, Shanshan Deng, Zhiwei Li

Pages 424-434


A new mixing equation for bed material composition in bed form dominant conditions

Baozhen Jia, Deyu Zhong

Pages 435-446


Using a fluvial archive to place extreme flood sediment (dis)connectivity dynamics in context of a longer-term record

Kirstie Fryirs, Chris Thompson, Damian Gore

Pages 447-456


Grain size characteristics of surface sediment and its response to the dynamic sedimentary environment in Qiantang Estuary, China

Shanshan Wang, Cunhong Pan, Dongfeng Xie, Mingwei Xu, ... Xinwen Li

Pages 457-468


Numerical model of local scour considering the unsteady sediment inflow and sediment sorting: Application to scour upstream of slit weir

Kazuyuki Ota, Takahiro Sato, Ryosuke Arai

Pages 469-483


Sediment budget and riverbed deformation in the uppermost part of the lower Yangtze River, China

Shuwei Zheng, Huanlong Luo, Jiayue Zhang, Heqin Cheng, ... Enfeng Liu

Pages 484-492


Ability of soil bacterial composition as an indicator of levels of soil erosion in a badland

Gaetano Guida, Vincenzo Palmeri, Luca Settanni, Raimondo Gaglio, ... Vito Ferro

Pages 493-504


Non-equilibrium concentration profile formulas of suspended sediment and their preliminary applications

Zipu Ma, Qingchao Guo, Jianzhao Guan, Maohua Le

Pages 505-513


Relationship between the equilibrium morphology of river islands and flow-sediment dynamics based on the theory of minimum energy dissipation

Xuhai Yang, Zhaohua Sun, Jinyun Deng, Dongfeng Li, Yitian Li

Pages 514-521


Analytical approach for predicting local scour downstream of submerged sluice gate with an apron

Arsalan Mostaani, Amir H. Azimi

Pages 522-537

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