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No.3 2022 IJSR



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Volume 37, Issue 3

Pages 287-410 (June 2022)


Detailed bed topography and sediment load measurements for two step down flows in a laboratory flume

Daniel Wren, Roger Kuhnle, Tate Mcalpin, David Abraham, Keaton Jones

Pages 287-298


Spatio-temporal deposition profile of an experimentally produced turbidity current with a continuous suspension supply

Shun Nomura, Giovanni De Cesare, Mikito Furuichi, Yasushi Takeda, Hide Sakaguchi

Pages 299-306


Nutrients and organic matter in the surface sediment of a submerged macrophyte zone in a eutrophic lake: Implications for lake management

Jiancai Deng, Xin Lu, Weiping Hu, Zhihong Xu

Pages 307-316


Approximate velocity for mulaover mobile sediment bed induced by velocity-skewed waves and current

Xin Chen, Minghong Chen, Jingkai Wu, Haifei Liu, Chen Yang

Pages 317-327


Collar performance in bridge pier scour with debris accumulation

Hossein Hamidifar, Seyed Mohammad Bagher Shahabi-Haghighi, Yee Meng Chiew

Pages 328-334


Spatial distribution of trace elements associated with organic carbon along the Beiyun River basin, Beijing,China

Farhan Iftikhar, Shiliang Liu, Yongxiu Sun, Yixuan Liu, Muhammad Imran

Pages 335-345


Sorption and desorption behavior of residual antidepressants and caffeine in fresh water sediment and sewage sludge

Ismael Laurindo Costa Junior, Christiane Schinneider Machado, Adelmo Lowe Pletsch, Yohandra Reyes Torres

Pages 346-354


Spatial distribution and comparative evaluation of phosphorus release rate in benthic sediments of an estuary dam

Yongsik Song, Yong-Hoon Jeong, Chang-Min Shin, Dong-HeuiKwak

Pages 355-369


The off-site implications of deforestation on sedimentation rates and pollution in Abkenar open water (Anzali Lagoon, Caspian Sea) using radionuclide techniques and sediment quality indices

Mohammadreza Gharibreza, Mohammad Zaman, Mahmood Arabkhedri, Shahriar Sobh-Zahedi

Pages 370-382


Predictability performance enhancement for suspended sediment in rivers: Inspection of newly developed hybrid adaptive neuro-fuzzy system model

Rana Muhammad Adnan, Zaher Mundher Yaseen, Salim Heddamd, Shamsuddin Shahid, Aboalghasem Sadeghi-Niaraki, Ozgur Kisi

Pages 383-398


Flow-induced vegetation uprooting in a meandering bend: Experimental investigation

Donatella Termini, Alice Di Leonardo

Pages 399-410

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