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Volume 36, Issue 6

Pages 687-770 (December 2021)


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Kim Dan Nguyen, Sylvain Guillou, Hitoshi Tanaka, Damien Pham-Van-Bang

Pages iii-vi


Use of Large-Eddy Simulation for the bed shear stress estimation over a dune

Adrien Bourgoin, Sylvain S. Guillou, Jér?me Thiébot, Riadh Ata

Pages 687-695


Impact of the blockage ratio on the transport of sediment in the presence of a hydrokinetic turbine: Numerical modeling of the interaction sediment and turbine

Fatima Khaled, Sylvain Guillou, Yann Méar, Ferhat Hadri

Pages 696-710


3D numerical simulation of seagrass movement under waves and currents with GPUSPH

Anne-Eléonore Paquier, Thibault Oudart, Caroline Le Bouteiller, Samuel Meulé, ... Robert A. Dalrymple

Pages 711-722


Numerical modeling of bedload and suspended load contributions to morphological evolution of the Seine Estuary (France)

Baptiste Mengual, Pierre Le Hir, Aurélie Rivier, Matthieu Caillaud, Florent Grasso

Pages 723-735


Two-dimensional modeling of fine sediment transport with mixed sediment and consolidation: Application to the Gironde Estuary, France

Sylvain Orseau, Nicolas Huybrechts, Pablo Tassi, Damien Pham Van Bang, Fabrice Klein

Pages 736-746


Key drivers of changes in the sediment loads of Chinese rivers discharging to the oceans

Cheng Liu, Yun He, Zhongwu Li, Jia Chen, Zhijing Li

Pages 747-755


Modeling of climate change impacts on Lake Burullus, coastal lagoon (Egypt)

A. Shalby, M. Elshemy, B.A. Zeidan

Pages 756-769

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