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Volume 36, Issue 4 Pages 449-566 (August 2021)



Interfacial instability of sand patterns induced by turbulent shear flow

Sk Zeeshan Ali, Subhasish Dey

Pages 449-456


Channel morphologic processes of a highly sinuous bend approaching neck cutoff by bank erosion in the middle Yangtze River

Zhiwei Li, Hanyuan Yang, Junqiang Xia, Meirong Zhou, ... Yingzhen Wang

Pages 457-467


Effects of length and application rate of rice straw mulch on surface runoff and soil loss under laboratory simulated rainfall

Misagh Parhizkar, Mahmood Shabanpour, Manuel Esteban Lucas-Borja, Demetrio Antonio Zema, ... Artemio Cerdà

Pages 468-478


Bioremediation perspective of historically contaminated sediment with polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons

Sne?ana Maleti?, Jelena Beljin, Dragana Tamind?ija, Marko Grgi?, ... Sr?an Ron?evi?

Pages 479-488


Multifractal features of the particle-size distribution of suspended sediment in the Three Gorges Reservoir, China

Jinlin Li, Xiubin He, Jie Wei, Yuhai Bao, ... Dil Khurram

Pages 489-500


Factors influencing the removal of fine non-cohesive sediment by vortex settling basin at small river abstraction works

Kuria Kiringu, Gerrit Basson

Pages 501-511


Comparative study of multilayer perceptron-stochastic gradient descent and gradient boosted trees for predicting daily suspended sediment load: The case study of the Mississippi River, U.S.

Sadra Shadkani, Akram Abbaspour, Saeed Samadianfard, Sajjad Hashemi, ... Shahab S. Band

Pages 512-523


Adsorption of cobalt by using inorganic components of sediment samples from water bodies

Rocío Montes de Oca-Palma, Marcos Solache-Ríos, Melania Jiménez-Reyes, José Juan García-Sánchez, Perla Tatiana Almazán-Sánchez

Pages 524-531


Phosphate mineral accumulation in lake sediment to form a secondary phosphate source: A case study in lake sediment around Eppawala Phosphate Deposit (EPD) in Sri Lanka

Nimila Dushyantha, Nalin Ratnayake, Hemalal Panagoda, Chulantha Jayawardena, Amila Sandaruwan Ratnayake

Pages 532-541


The settling of resuspended lake sediment related to physicochemical properties of particles of different sizes: Implication for environmental remediation

Zhao Wei, Youze Xu, Yanyan Zhao, Yuanyuan Zhao, ... Changhui Wang

Pages 542-554


The effects of adsorptive materials on microbial community composition and PAH degradation at the sediment cap–water interface

Giovanna Pagnozzi, Danny D. Reible, Kayleigh Millerick

Pages 555-565

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