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Volume 36, Issue 2 Pages 165-334 (April 2021)



Experimental investigation of density current patterns using dynamic fractal analysis

Mohammad Hosseini, Mohammad Hadi Fattahi, Saeid Eslamian

Pages 165-176


Characteristics of sedimentation and channel adjustment linked to the Three Gorges Reservoir

Xiaoya Tang, Sichen Tong, Guoxian Huang, Guangxiang Xu, ... Shiming Yao

Pages 177-189


Soil and water conservation measures improve soil carbon sequestration and soil quality under cashews

Gopal Ramdas Mahajan, Bappa Das, Sandrasekaran Manivannan, Begur Lakshminarasimha Manjunath, ... Heena Mulla

Pages 190-206


Predicting soil erosion hazard in Lattakia Governorate (W Syria)

Mohammed Safwan, Khallouf Alaa, Alshiehabi Omran, Bao Pham Quoc, ... Harsányi Endre

Pages 207-220


Characteristic analysis of phospholipid fatty acids (PLFAs) in typical nutrient polluted lake sediment in Wuhan

Xia Zhang, Qianru Chen, Chuan Wang, Hongpei Zhang, ... Qiaohong Zhou

Pages 221-228


A laboratory investigation of bed-load transport of gravel sediments under dam break flow

Khabat Khosravi, Amir Hooshang Nezamivand Chegini, James Cooper, Luca Mao, ... Andrew Binns

Pages 229-234


A new portable in situ flume for measuring critical shear stress on river beds

Cheng He, James Nodwell Taylor, Quintin Rochfort, David Nguyen

Pages 235-242


Evaluation of sediment contamination in the Red Sea coastal area combining multiple pollution indices and multivariate statistical techniques

Yousef Saeed Saleh

Pages 243-254


General velocity formula of boundary layer above mobile sediment bed induced by asymmetric waves

Xin Chen, Minghong Chen

Pages 255-267


Climatic and anthropogenic impacts on the decrease of sediment discharge to the Mediterranean coast from the largest river of Maghreb

Ali Hadour, Gil Mahé, Mohamed Meddi

Pages 268-278


Numerical modeling of local scour at a submerged weir with a downstream slope using a coupled moving-mesh and masked-element approach

Xiaohui Yan, Colin David Rennie, Abdolmajid Mohammadian

Pages 279-290


Risk analysis for clustered check dams due to heavy rainfall

Zuyu Chen, Xieping Huang, Shu Yu, Wei Cao, ... Yangqiang Wang

Pages 291-305


One-dimensional morphodynamic model for retrogressive erosion based on a sediment entrainment theory at high flow velocity

Zenghui Wang, Junqiang Xia, Meirong Zhou, Shanshan Deng, Tao Li

Pages 306-316


Grain-size end-members and environmentally sensitive grain-size components: A comparative study in the mud shelf depocenters off southern Brazil

Michel Michaelovitch de Mahiques, Samara Cazzoli y Goya, Maria Carolina da Silva Nogueira de Matos, Rodrigo Augusto Udenal de Oliveira, ... Marcia Caruso Bícego

Pages 317-327


Equilibrium relations for water and sediment transport in the Yellow River

Xujian Chen, Yuqi An, Zhihao Zhang, Chunhong Hu

Pages 328-334

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