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Volume 36, Issue 1 Pages 1-164 (February 2021)



Numerical investigation of the effect of seasonal variations of depth-of-closure on shoreline evolution

Xuan Tinh Nguyen, Minh Thanh Tran, Hitoshi Tanaka, Trung Viet Nguyen, ... Cong Dien Duong

Pages 1-16


Experimental assessment and prediction of temporal scour depth around a spur dike

Manish Pandey, Manousos Valyrakis, Meilan Qi, Anurag Sharma, Ajay Singh Lodhi

Pages 17-28


Effect of shrub-grass vegetation coverage and slope gradient on runoff and sediment yield under simulated rainfall

Dandan Han, Jingcheng Deng, Chaojun Gu, Xingmin Mu, ... Jianjian Gao

Pages 29-37


Coupled and splitting bedload sediment transport models based on a modified flux-wave approach

Hossein Mahdizadeh, Soroosh Sharifi

Pages 38-49


Sensitivity analysis of influencing parameters on slit-type barrier performance against debris flow using 3D-based numerical approach

Minseop Kim, Seungrae Lee, Tae-Hyuk Kwon, Shin-Kyu Choi, Jun-Seo Jeon


Temporal trends of hydro-climatic variables and their relevance in water resource management

Karim Solaimani, Mahmoud Habaibnejad, Abdollah Pirnia

Pages 63-75


Suspended sediment yield modeling in Mahanadi River, India by multi-objective optimization hybridizing artificial intelligence algorithms

Arvind Yadav, Snehamoy Chatterjee, Sk Md Equeenuddin

Pages 76-91


From dredged sediment to supplementary cementitious material: characterization, treatment, and reuse

Mouhamadou Amar, Mahfoud Benzerzour, Joelle Kleib, Nor-Edine Abriak

Pages 92-109


Sediment organic matter source estimation and ecological classification in the semi-enclosed Batan Bay Estuary, Philippines

Yuya Ogawa, Yuki Okamoto, Resurreccion Bitoon Sadaba, Mamoru Kanzaki

Pages 110-119


Vertical concentration profile of nonuniform sediment

Zhilin Sun, Haolei Zheng, Dan Xu, Chunhong Hu, Chaofan Zhang

Pages 120-126


Valorization of harbor dredged sediment activated with blast furnace slag in road layers

Abdelwaheb Ben Slama, Nesma Feki, Daniel Levacher, Moncef Zairi

Pages 127-135


Design of sediment detention basins: Scaled model experiments and application

Anita Moldenhauer-Roth, Guillaume Piton, Sebastian Schwindt, Mona Jafarnejad, Anton J. Schleiss

Pages 136-150


A 2D well-balanced, coupled model of water flow, sediment transport, and bed evolution based on unstructured grids with efficient variable storage strategy

Zhiyuan Yue, Qingquan Liu, Wei Huang, Peng Hu, Zhixian Cao

Pages 151-160


Book review of Mechanics of Bio-Sediment Transport, Hongwei Fang, Lei Huang, Huiming Zhao, Wei Cheng, Yishan Chen, Mehdi Fazeli, Qianqin Shang (Eds.). Springer-Verlag, Berlin Heidelberg (2020)

Danny D. Reible

Pages 161-162


s‘Corrigendum to “Uniform and graded bed-load sediment transport in a degrading channel with non-equilibrium conditions” [International Journal of Sediment Research 35 (2020) 115–124/04-258]’

Khabat Khosravi, Amir H.N. Chegini, James R. Cooper, Prasad Daggupati, ... Luca Mao

Page 163

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