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 Volume 35, Issue 4 Pages 315-430 (August 2020)






Modeling the effect of sediment concentration on the flow-like behavior of natural debris flow


Leonardo Schippa


Pages 315-327




Stochastic evolution of hydraulic geometry relations in the lower Yellow River of China under environmental uncertainties


Xiaolong Song, Deyu Zhong, Guangqian Wang, Xiaonan Li


Pages 328-346




Numerical simulation of sediment deposition and trapping efficiency estimation in settling basins, considering secondary flows


Esmail Lakzian, Hassan Saghi, Omid Kooshki


Pages 347-354




Computational fluid dynamics modeling of abutment scour under steady current using the level set method


Mohammad Saud Afzal, Hans Bihs, Lalit Kumar


Pages 355-364




Sediment dynamics and temporal variation of runoff in the Yom River, Thailand


Matharit Namsai, Butsawan Bidorn, Seree Chanyotha, Ruetaitip Mama, Nathamon Phanomphongphaisarn


Pages 365-376




Performance of riffle structures on the stabilization of two successive knickpoints over a sandy bed


Afshin Fouladi Semnan, Mohammad Reza Jaefarzadeh


Pages 377-385




A GPU-based numerical model coupling hydrodynamical and morphological processes


Jingming Hou, Yongde Kang, Chunhong Hu, Yu Tong, ... Junqiang Xia


Pages 386-394




A time-splitting pressure-correction projection method for complete two-fluid modeling of a local scour hole


Kambiz Farahi Moghadam, Mohammad Ali Banihashemi, Peyman Badiei, Ali Shirkavand


Pages 395-407




Soil erosion and sediment interception by check dams in a watershed for an extreme rainstorm on the Loess Plateau, China


Leichao Bai, Nan Wang, Juying Jiao, Yixian Chen, ... Zhijie Wang


Pages 408-416




Hydrodynamics and suspended particulate matter retention in macrotidal estuaries located in Amazonia-semiarid interface (Northeastern-Brazil)


Vinicius Henrique Maciel dos Santos, Francisco José da Silva Dias, Audálio Rebelo Torres, R?mulo Araújo Soares, ... Marco Valério Jansen Cutrim


Pages 417-429

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