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Papers Published in the International Journal of Sediment Research Volume 35, No. 3, 2020


Pages 227–314 (June 2020)






Spatial analysis of bacteria in brackish lake sediment


Jean-Sebastien Beaulne, Samir R. Mishra, Mrutyunjay Suar, Ananta Narayan Panda, ... Timothy M. Vogel


Pages 227-236




Numerical modeling of local scour due to submerged wall jets using a strict vertex-based, terrain conformal, moving-mesh technique in OpenFOAM


Xiaohui Yan, Abdolmajid Mohammadian, Colin D. Rennie


Pages 237-248




Analysis of the conductive behavior of a simplified sediment system and its computational simulation


Zhengjin Weng, Zhiwei Zhao, Yong Fang, Helong Jiang, Wei Lei


Pages 249-255




Experimental study on the effects of artificial bed roughness on turbidity currents over abrupt bed slope change


Sara Baghalian, Masoud Ghodsian


Pages 256-268




Metals content in sediments of ephemeral streams with small reservoirs (the Negev Desert)


Ma?gorzata Kijowska-Struga?a, ?ukasz Wiejaczka, Rafa? Koz?owski, Judith Lekach


Pages 269-277




Numerical modeling of scour and deposition around permeable cylindrical structures


Jiajia Pan, Zhiguo He, Wurong Shih, Niansheng Cheng


Pages 278-286




Chemical and spectroscopic characterization of humic substances from sediment and riparian soil of a highly polluted urban river (Suquía River, Córdoba, Argentina)


Carolina Merlo, Carolina Vázquez, Ana Graciela Iriarte, Carlos Matías Romero


Pages 287-294




Three-dimensional simulation of horseshoe vortex and local scour around a vertical cylinder using an unstructured finite-volume technique


Wei Zhang, Miguel Uh Zapata, Xin Bai, Damien Pham-Van-Bang, Kim Dan Nguyen


Pages 295-306




Comparison of the sediment composition in relation to basic chemical, physical, and geological factors


Witold Reczyński, Katarzyna Szar?owicz, Ma?gorzata Jakubowska, Peter Bitusik, Barbara Kubica


Pages 307-314




Full papers are available at ScienceDirect:


https://www.sciencedirect.com/journal/international-journal-of-sediment-research with free access to the paper abstracts.

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