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Cover image International Journal of Sediment Research Papers Published in the International Journal of Sediment Research Volume 34, No. 5, 2019




Pages 401-508 (Oct. 2019)










Use of incipient motion data for backward erosion piping models


Vera M. van Beek, Bryant A. Robbins, Gijs J.C.M. Hoffmans, Adam Bezuijen, Leo C. van Rijn


Pages 401-408




Determination of the particle load based on detailed suspended sediment measurements at a hydropower plant


Anant Kumar Rai, Arun Kumar


Pages 409-421




Estimating instantaneous concentration of suspended sediment using acoustic backscatter from an ADV


Wenjie Li, Shengfa Yang, Wei Yang, Yi Xiao, ... Shuaishuai Zhang


Pages 422-431




Clay minerals in the late Quaternary sediment of Tulare Lake, California: Implications for climate change, weathering, and erosion processes


Junhua Guo, Christine Pyles, William Krugh, Rob Negrini


Pages 432-443




Effect of self-weight consolidation on a hydro-sedimentological model for the Río de la Plata estuary


Pablo Santoro, Mónica Fossati, Pablo Tassi, Nicolas Huybrechts, ... Ismael Piedra-Cueva


Pages 444-454




Erosion probability model of base-soil particle migration into a granular filter under local flow


Yuan Wei, Mei-li Zhan, Qing-fu Huang, Jin-chang Sheng, ... Qing Zhou


Pages 455-460




Physical and coupled fully three-dimensional numerical modeling of pressurized bottom outlet flushing processes in reservoirs


Ousmane Sawadogo, Gerrit R. Basson, Simon Schneiderbauer


Pages 461-474




Unpaved rural roads as source areas of sediment in a watershed of the Brazilian semi-arid region


Teresa Raquel Lima Farias, Pedro Henrique Augusto Medeiros, Joaquín Navarro-Hevia, José Carlos de Araújo


Pages 475-485




Effect of phosphatation and calcination on the environmental behaviour of sediments


Moussa Dia, Rachid Zentar, Nor-edine Abriak, Ange Nzihou, ... Alain Germeau


Pages 486-495




Research articleFull text access


Turbulence and suspended sediment processes in the Garonne River tidal bore in November 2016


David Reungoat, Xinqian Leng, Hubert Chanson


Pages 496-508




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