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1st IACRR International Conference on Coastal Reservoirs and Sustainable Water Management (Nanjing, China, October 17-20, 2022)

Date: October 17-20, 2022

Venue: Nanjing, China

Summary: The 1st International Conference on Coastal Reservoirs and Sustainable Water Management will be held by Hohai University in Nanjing (China) in November 6th-9th, 2023. Coastal reservoirs could provide a solution to the water problems of many coastal cities, but their successful development faces various challenges. These challenges require close cooperation between scientists, engineers, water resources managers and policy makers. In this regard, the conference will provide a forum bringing together participants from academia, consulting firms, local, provincial and national government agencies, and offering them an opportunity to interact in an informal and relaxed environment. The conference will provide students an opportunity to discuss with renowned and well-established researchers and professionals in this field.

Hohai University, founded in 1915, has the largest number of researchers studying water-related problems in the world and has gained worldwide reputation for its focus on water. Hohai is a state key university under the direct administration of the Ministry of Education of China. The university has been collaborating closely with various academic organizations including the International Association for Hydro-Environment Engineering and Research (IAHR). Seven colleges at Hohai are relevant to the topic of coastal reservoirs, including the College of Environment, College of Hydrology and Water Resources, College of Water Conservancy and Hydropower Engineering, College of Harbor, Coastal and Offshore Engineering, College of Oceanography, College of Civil and Transportation Engineering, and College of Mechanics and Materials. Professor Hongwu Tang, the Chair of the University Council and the Founding-chair of the China Chapter of the International Association for Coastal Reservoir Research (IACRR), cordially invites you to attend the conference.


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